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eKitabu e-reader for Android

eKitabu e-reader for Android Help Document

eKitabu Android App allows you to read any book in EPUB or PDF format. This help guide has been designed by eKitabu to walk you through setting up your eKitabu App, reading e-books, and controlling how you read and view them.

Downloading and Installing Android App



Getting started:

This step requires an internet connection on the Android device.

Open the Google Play app on the Android device

Type keyword “eKitabu” in the Google Play search bar.



Tap the eKitabu app at the top of the search results.

Then, tap the Install button.

When the installation is complete, tap Open.

Using the eKitabu App on Android



eKitabu Icon

The eKitabu icon is the first on the drop down list. Clicking on it refreshes the application.


The three lines on top left is the menu title with a dropdown list:

  • Catalog 

  • My library

  • Books on this device

  • Add a Book 

  • Settings


The catalog is located on the Menu drop down list. It has a list of ebooks available in the library

My library

My library is located on the menu drop down list. To add ebooks to My library, tap the add a book icon and select the book from your files 

Books on this device

Books on this device are located on the menu drop down list. These are all the book titles that are in the device. Whether you added the books locally from your device or from an online catalog, all titles will be added automatically and show up when you click on the ‘My Books’

Add a book 

Add a book is located on the top right on books on this device dropdown. It enables you to add books locally from your device and start reading right away!

Reading Books



Reading books

Go back to the library and get to know more about reading books in EPUB3 format. You will learn how to read EPUBs with sign language videos embedded and also get to listen to your books if you have a challenge seeing the device screen. Click on any title in the library that you wish to read. 

You will be presented with the cover page of the book. Tap gently anywhere on the screen and see more options available. They are four in number and each has been decoded in the next few lines.

Navigation Settings




The setting icon is located on the menu drop down. It has the account details, QR Code, About eKitabu, software licenses and certifications and privacy policy.


First on the reading book mode top menu is the search icon. The search icon enables you to search for any word in the book by typing the word in the search box


Second on the reading book mode top menu is the text-to-speech. This is the headphone icon which symbolizes ‘Read Aloud’ or ‘Text-to-Speech’. Click on the icon to listen to your book talk.


Third on the reading book mode top menu is the ‘bookmark’ icon to help you save specific pages in the book that you would like to read or refer to later.

Change font type and size

Change the font type by tapping the drop-down arrow on the text ‘Font’. 

eKitabu e-reader has dedicated 6 font types named: 

  • Original which represents the default font in which the ebook is published 

  • PT Serif

  • Roboto

  • Source Sans Pro

  • Vollkorn

  • OpenDyslexic which is helpful for accessibility. 

Getting support

For additional help or to send eKitabu feedback please contact

You can also contact us on our support phone on WhatsApp: +254 740 524 629

8.30 AM – 5.30 PM, Monday – Friday (East Africa Time).

If you already have the app installed from Google Play Store you can drop a comment on the review section. 

We are available to respond to your questions and make your reading experience simple and better.

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