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Who should use the Toolkit?

           This toolkit can be used by publishers-self or corporate and any content developer intending to make their content accessible to all.

Why should I use the Toolkit?

          The Toolkit provides a Step-by-step Guide to creating accessible eBooks. It has outlined global standards and references for creating accessible eBooks.

Which device type can I use to access the Toolkit?

          A mobile phone, tablet or desktop running on any Operating System. 

Can I access the Toolkit Offline?

          No. The Toolkit can only be accessed online. You can use a browser of your choice!

How do I navigate the toolkit?

          The landing page has links to the relevant pages of the Toolkit, however we recommend that you navigate from the left bar which has pages and drop downs for easy navigation into sub-pages.

Can I log in to the Toolkit?

          No. You do not need to log in to see the Toolkit. Click on any link on the website page here and you will be redirected into the Toolkit.

Which categories of special needs does the Toolkit cater for?

           Persons with Visual Impairment and Hearing Impairment.

Does the Toolkit show how to convert books from traditional print version to accessible digital version?

          Yes. The Toolkit shows you how to create your book from print - PDF - EPUB - EPUB 3 

Is the Toolkit free or purchased?

          The Toolkit is free for use by anyone interested in developing accessible content. The resources and tools are available for free and you do not need to purchase any software to use the Toolkit.

I do not have experience developing in HTML and CSS

          You need to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS given most files of an EPUB 3 uses HTML for markup. You will need CSS to add basic styling and accessibility styling into the EPUB.

How do I submit complete accessible eBooks for assessment and review?

        Click the following link CDC Submission Portal to register and submit your complete accessible EPUB. We are happy to review your work!

Which standards guided the development of the Toolkit?

          The development of the Toolkit was guided by several standards which include but not limited to WCAG, W3C and EPUB 3 guidelines. See link for details on standards.

Is the Toolkit accessible?

          Yes. The Toolkit can be accessed from the browser using any screen reader. We recommend reading with NVDA.

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